Walking in High Heels with High Heel Mate Inserts®

The simple steps to sexy comfort.

Step 1. Expose Adhesive for Positioning

Pick an insert – there is no difference between right and left. Begin by peeling from the tab (A), on the end of the insert (B).

Fold the backing to expose just enough adhesive (C) to hold the insert while you find the right place. Leave the majority of the backing on the rest of the insert for now.

When the adhesive liner looks like the drawing (C), you are ready to install your High Heel Mate. Walking in high heels in comfort is only a few steps away!

Step 2. Initial Positioning

The Heel End

Take your shoe, which needs to be dry and lotion free, or the adhesive will not adhere properly. If need be, wipe the sock liner, where your foot rests, with a clean cloth. (In unusual circumstances when the sock liner is damp from wear, it may be necessary to allow it to dry overnight.)

Now, take your shoe, and center the heel end of the High Heel Mate, with the flat (sticky) side down, in the shoe heel area about 1/8 of an inch (3 mm) from the back of the shoe.

The Toe End

Next, center the pointed end of the High Heel Mate in the arch of the insole. (See the shoe on the left side of the drawing).

If your shoes are styled with a narrow arch, (see the shoe on the right side) you may need to rotate the end of the High Heel Mate slightly towards the big toe side of the shoe.

Step 3. Testing

Put both shoes on and stand up. If you feel an uncomfortable bump you need to make adjustments. Walking in the high heels may feel “different” or “weird”. This is ok. Pain is not!

Step 4. Adjustments for Comfort

Make small adjustments until the uncomfortable bump is gone. Please, take the time to get it right! If you feel a bump under your heel, move the High Heel Mate toward the toe. If you feel a bump under your arch, move the insert toward the heel.

You can also improve the fit by moving the High Heel Mate, from side to side or angling it slightly. Don’t worry if the left and right inserts differ in position.

While rare, if after 5 or 6, tries you still feel a painful bump, you should remove and return them for a refund.

Step 5. Final Placement

Once the High Heel Mate are correctly positioned, hold the heel end of the insert in place with one hand, lift up the loose end of the insert with the other, and remove the remaining adhesive liner, peeling from the heel to the toe. Press down firmly. High Heel Mate are designed to be used in one pair of high heel shoes. 

 If no uncomfortable bumps you are ready to walk in your high heels! At last - comfortable high heels!

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