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High Heel Mate® inserts are a revolutionary product designed to make wearing high heels a more comfortable experience, reducing the pain that prevents so many women from enjoying wearing high heel shoes.

Concealed comfort for all your high heels

Clear inserts fits all styles of high heel shoes and sandals.

Not simply cushioning

Relieve the pain from high heels by shifting your body weight from the ball to the heel of your feet. Simple cushioning won't give you comfort. High Heel Mate® will!

A groundbreaking technology

Insolia® high heel inserts are sold in over 20 different countries and endorsed by leading international retail stores.

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  I ordered a triple pack of high heel mate for my new high heels. They arrived and when I went to put them in my shoes I saw they already had Insolia® inserts! That explains why my shoes were so comfy from day 1! I'll make use if my high heel mates in other shoes.  
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